Spiritual Ground Work Self-Paced Course

Spiritual Ground Work Self-Paced Course

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How to find your spiritual gifts ?

Spiritual Ground Work  is a five week course gives you a little of everything. If you don't know exactly what you want to develop, or what natural gifts you have, this is the course for you! Tap into your intuitive knowing, your psychic ability and spirit communication. 

Over the course of five weeks, you will be guided through a series of videos, meditations, exercises and assessments that I’ve developed for anyone, from beginners to advanced students, to learn and develop your inner intuitive and spiritual awareness.

This online course is done at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. 

Customer Reviews

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Nina Kahm
Lovely course to connect with your heart center and deepen your intuitive connection

This is a great introductory course to tap into your own internal knowing through tangible tools, exercises, and clear explanations. Great for anyone starting on a spiritual path or already seasoned and wanting to deepen their awareness. Great meditations, exercises, and opportunities for expansion, growth, and connection. I am now feeling drawn to the Intuition Mentorship course and looking forward to diving in again :)

Sabrina Weisz
Just what I needed

I absolutely loved this course! I was going through a big life change and in desperate need of grounding and focusing on my intuition. Through the meditations, visualization, and the exercises I was able to tap in to what I had been disconnected from for quite a while. Being able to do this course at my own pace was essential to me actually committing to it. Highly recommend!

Lisa McManus
Helped with Grief Journey

Learning to connect with my own spirit body through Fleur’s teaching has allowed me to have hope in continuing connections with loved ones who have passed. Fleur technically describes and explains concepts so that even the skeptical have to consider there is more to us than physical bodies. Through the meditations and exercises you can experience and grasp these ideas and increase your inner awareness.

Jen Davies

I absolutely loved this course!!! I took this course on a whim, for fun and it definitely was the beginning of my journey to changing my ways (for the better)!
I found the meditations very helpful (especially with finding my soul point - finding your soul point is the key people)!! The instructional videos are clear and concise and the exercises are awesome. This lead me to read Fleur's book (if you haven't read it yet go get yourself a copy - it is AMAZING) and enrolling in the Intuition Mentorship. Thank you Fleur & team for all these awesome courses!

Daniela D'Alessio
Great basic course

I really enjoyed this course and in particular the meditation exercises. What I liked is that it gives you an idea of everything, so that you know what you want to develop more. Looking forward to other courses !